On the windswept plains of Shemasra, at the fork of the great river Zybris stands the great capital of the Theocracy and spiritual home of all the faithful, Sarqand. Known as the silk city and place of a thousand masks,

Southern Marches

The south was settled long ago by noble families from the Middle Kingdoms wanting to spread their influence and create their own houses to rule. The most powerful already had their lands, so these southern nobles were from smaller, less


Since the Days of Fire, both the military leaders and guild leaders have formally decreed that the new Sword-Masters Guild will have the first right of training in martial matters. Led by the respected Lion Guard, the Swordmasters Guild is

Swords of the Mother

Across the Kingdom of Elland there are many orders of nobility that noble men and women can join for glory and honour. There are few however that exist for purely selfless reasons. The Order of Benevolent Knights known as the

System of Rulership

Twin Dragon Heraldic Crest of House Tarren The political structure in Elland is feudal, comprised of a series of noble houses that owe fealty to King Edric Shadowbane. The seat of government is the royal capital of Ironmark, the largest