The Lion Guard

Established years before the Days of Fire, The Lion Guard are the personal guard of the royal house of Elland. This august and elite body of troops are the guardians of the royal family and make up all bodyguards and

The Mother

She who nurtures and protects us while we live. The Mother watches over us and keeps the demons from the minds of the righteous and holds them back in the night. This is the principle god of the common people

The Nobility of Elland

Originally by Nathaniel Orrin, updated by Count Reglan Some may think that the nobility in Elland are as old as time, but that isn’t the truth. The noble houses are not as old as they portray themselves to be, most

The Order of Scarlet Redemption

There exists in every society a particular group that believes that the end justifies the means. In the Kingdom of Elland this group is the Order of the Knights of Scarlet Redemption. The order was formed in the days before

The Patrician Cities

The second largest area of the Shieldlands are the proud southern cities that stand as the last monument to the power of once proud Qadaq in the region. Not much more than a decade ago the Patricians ruled the land

The People

Arriving during Expedition 8; The People are the last remnants of a once great civilization that was all but eradicated by war with the Council of Liches. Newly created People know little to nothing about the war they lost. They

The Warrior

The Warrior is normally depicted as female, the child-like daughter of The Father and The Mother: She who fights against the demons and drives them back from our door. The Warrior was only ever a small cult of inquisitors and


The Land of the Gods The geography and climate of the Theocracy varies hugely from place to place. Its uppermost border touches the Rime Sea and the Isenford and as such the area is cold and covered in snow in


In the past it was thought that the gods were indescribable beings of such divine power and eternal majesty that it was impossible for humans to truly understand them. The Theocracy historically was focused principally upon the worship of the