A Wizard’s Loss

In my 20 summers, I have lost a great deal. Families, friends, comrades, but my greatest loss came only recently. On our forth expedition to The Vale, I was wed to Blade of House Fenix, Blade. part attraction, part deal

Nature of Greed

The carriage must have hit every pothole and lose cobblestone it was possible to impact as it made its long laborious way up the slight incline that lead towards one of the many gates of the “royal” City of Ironmark.

Palace in Flames

Days of Fire they called it, they weren’t exaggerating. I was in court, at the capital, the Palace of King Marcus, Ironmark. The ground shook harder than it had ever done before, more so than the famous quakes of three

Return of the Lord

A bronze roar across the rolling sea of swaying trees, its voice seeming to echo across the horizon to meet the dying sunset. The deafening voice tore across the green of Caerlyn forest in an instant, and birds took to

The Nobility of Elland

Originally by Nathaniel Orrin, updated by Count Reglan Some may think that the nobility in Elland are as old as time, but that isn’t the truth. The noble houses are not as old as they portray themselves to be, most