Due to their extensive use of Janissary soldiers, the martial pursuits are less prevalent in The Theocracy than in other human lands.

Local militias exist, but for the well-to-do citizens of the temple cities, the ultimate military honour is to be called to be a Temple Guard.

Tested ruthlessly at puberty, few are accepted to train as one of the sons and daughters of the Faith.

They train for years in a specific form of mêlée combat until they are ready to guard pilgrims and holy sites.

For carrying out their duties, the Temple Guard are supplied lavishly and need little or no money as all their needs are met. They are exempt from the normal laws and taxes levied upon the population in the Theocracy (although this is not the case should they find themselves in Kingdom lands).

As such, they are expected to be a shining example to all of the faithful. They are rewarded lavishly for their service, but the punishment and discipline for any wrongdoing on their part is severe, often brutal.

Such a system creates fanatical, zealous warriors who will do anything, no matter how severe, in service to the Faith.

Each temple maintains a small force of Temple Guard who are responsible for guarding the temple and the holy places of the region, acting as a local police force. Their visored helms, armour and robes are ornate: decorated with repeating, geometric designs and holy script: rightly so in the minds of the faithful, as such luxury should only be used in the veneration of the gods. Same-coloured prayer ribbons are often tied to their weapons and armour, inscribed with holy script and wardings that flow in the wind. The exact appearance varies from temple to temple, as each has its own colours and imagery: Temples of the Father often use the winged lion, whereas a Temple to the Warrior may use bladed motifs or the ever-watchful gryphon.

These warriors are usually heavily armed; preferring huge, bladed pole-arms or trauma weapons.

They form the vanguard of the city’s defence if attacks occur but these are rare due to the buffer afforded to the nation by the Kingdom and its natural borders with the sea and the impassable mountains.

Historically the greatest threat has come from the north. In battle, Temple Guard serve as shock-troops; tasked with killing enemy elites or commanders.

The Grand Circle of The Faith has issued a decree that a mixed force of Temple Guard should accompany the priests in their mission to The Vale; to assist in the divine works and ceremonies of the clergy; to protect all holy shrines and the Fane to the gods and to fight unholy evil where it is found.

Temple Guard
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