1. There are two forces in this world: those for Good, and those for Evil
  2. In the beginning, there was a great war in the Afterworld between all gods. The darker ones were defeated and cast down into the Burning Abyss, where they became known as demons.
  3. Humanity, the world and the soul were formed from the eternal strife between gods and demons. We were made in the image of the gods, but tainted by the demons.
  4. There is only one life and we must respect this: making the most of our part, not ending life, or living beyond our time.
  5. The gods offer us the chance to join them in Afterworld when we die. To turn away from the gods is to be cast into the Burning Abyss and into darkness.
  6. Evil is strong: The gods will only triumph if they are worshipped and believed in.
  7. The freedom offered by the demons is an illusion: true freedom is service to the gods and their offer of a life in Afterworld.
  8. The priesthood bring us the word of the gods. They are chosen to guide us and we must obey them because they can interpret the will of the gods.
  9. The cataclysm has weakened the fabric between worlds and allowed the demons to fully break into this world again.
  10. The cataclysm that brought the demons to the world was caused by lack of faith, immorality and evil works.
  11. Beastkin are the children of the gods as we are. As with humankind, they have an immortal soul and can be saved. We must accept them.
Tenets of the Faith
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