To the south of Graben lies the county of Caerlyn. The land is one of low rolling hills and heaths that hide many towns and settlements in its low valleys. The population of the region is predominantly made of families that trace their lineage to The Middle Kingdom bloodlines and tend to feel a stronger loyalty to the king than regions further north. However, in the north of the region there are still those towns and families that hold strong to the northern fifes and as such a diverse mix of the two peoples live here. The clothing and fashions of the region tend to be a mix of the old northern traditions and the influence of The Middle Kingdom, depending on how far north you go.

Caerlyn Forest

This vast expanse of mostly unexplored dense forest has been the subject of song and story for years before the cataclysm.

The outside edges of the forest are farmed for the high quality wood that is Caerlyn’s largest export and the lumber mills are a hive of activity in the numerous working settlements that surround the outskirts of the forest.

The forest has its legends and the people of Caerlyn have a healthy respect for its secrets. It is a brave man or woman who ventures into its depths to seek adventure and many such an explorer has walked into the forest never to return. It is said that there are other powers at work in the depths that are not understood by the people that inhabit its edges and the forest does have a foreboding presence if you step deep beyond its borders …

It is this reputation that attracts questing and errant knights from the Middle Kingdoms to the location. They yearn to enter the forests depths and emerge with a story and proof of heroic deeds and actions. When the knights return, sometimes they carry the heads of great wolves or bears, while others appear with other trophies of a less certain origin. There are tribes of Feralian elves that inhabit the deeper forest who have all but removed themselves completely from the rest of the world and live exclusively within the forests borders. These elves paint themselves in mimicry of the skins of animals and live a feral and savage existence close to the land that sustains them.

Suffice to say, any who return from the depths do so with the haunted look of someone who has ventured into a place that is not part of the human lands and is forever changed by it …

Count of Caerlyn

Once using the anscestral home of House Tawe the Count of Caerlyn has moved into his own Fortress built deep in the heart of the forest. The ethrin elf, Lord Rhin of House Tamara now occupies Caerlyn Court, and has made it the centre of the county. Representatives from the seven ethrin clans have been sent to start the process of emancipation for all ethrin elves, after a political maneuver by Lord Tyton Riance, who some elves herald as a visionary, and some nobles revile.

Notable Houses

County of Caerlyn
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