Part of the Middle Kingdoms; the County of Northwyn is a place of relative peace and tranquility in the Kingdom. Bordered to the west by the Theocracy and otherwise surrounded on all sides by other Elland territories, the county benefits from relative seclusion and sees very little of the fighting that the north and south are accustomed to. Count Geoffrey of House Wynne oversees these lands from the city of Dun Clynth in the west.

Of all the peoples of the Kingdom it is said that the people of Northwyn are the most devout and attendant to the needs of the gods. They have excellent dealing with the Theocracy and many Northwyn citizens will make pilgrimages to the holy city of Sarqand to pray at the high temples of the gods; for prosperity and health. The majority of kingdom folk that join the Priesthood hail from Northwyn; they are said to be the most devout and zealous in their worship of the gods and the chastising of the demons.

Northwyn is a county that shares the low rolling hills and grasslands of its neighbour, Tarren. In the north the grassland gives way to heavily forested regions that are farmed for Elland Oak and the myriad wildlife that exists on its edges.

Northwyn Downs

In the centre of the county there is a vast area of low hills and heath land known as the Northwyn Downs. It is here that the rulers and nobles were historically buried in the old way. Great barrow mounds and tombs dot the region and the winds whip through the deathly still landscape carrying the songs of the peaceful dead as they rest in quiet repose.

It is this place that the forces of Northwyn are charged to protect. The mounds and tombs of ancient kings are sacred to the gods and as such the county has an order of skilled trackers and outdoors-men known as Barrow Wardens who are sworn to protect them. These holy men strive to keep the tombs and graves of the nobility of Elland closed to those who would rob them and disturb the sleep of resting kings. They are fanatical followers of the Father and dedicate their lives to keeping the resting places of the souls safe from grave robbers and any who would profane this holy place.

Dun Clynth

This city town has historically enjoyed a peaceful life and in living memory there is not one tale or account of the settlement being attacked. The walls of the city are low and the military presence is small in relation to the surrounding regions. The inhabitants of Dun Clynth attribute this prosperity to their location on the border of the Theocracy and are sometimes berated in court at Ironmark for being more Theocracy than Elland.

The town boast numerous temples to all the gods. They hold the Designer as a patron however, stating that it can only be the might and foresight of this deity who could place them in such a safe and secure place, protecting them within the embrace of his great design. Dun Clynth is the largest and most influential centre of of cult worship to the Designer and although frowned upon The Theocracy is happy to allow it so long as the relevant prayers to the Three are always delivered…

County of Northwyn
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