From the earliest days of Elland when the nation is much smaller than we know it today, the lords of Palamyr were the masters of the east. They held sway over the land and the clans were truly the sole rulers of the vast, windswept highlands. The years past and word came of the lords of the west building cities and casting away the old traditions. This infuriated the eastern clans. The idea that the old ways could be cast aside without thought was too much for the traditional chiefs and the great clan wars of the north began. After five years of vicious fighting the west was victorious and annexed the lands of Palamyr, enforcing their ways and raising settlements in the land to enforce the new regime.

Today the county of Palamyr is as much a part of the Kingdom of Elland as Graben and Caerlyn. The clans however, have long memories and those who still hold to the old ways still tell the stories of the time when the east was free and the clans were the true power in the Kingdom.

The county is home to the largest city in the north, Highcrest. It was built as a show of power by the western lords after their victory and has sat on a hill at the confluence of two rivers known as Westfork Pinacle overlooking the plains for centuries.

To the east of Highcrest lies the Demon Deep. This vast chasm appeared during the Days of Fire claiming hundreds of clan farmsteads and freeholds, swallowing them up in its depths. To this day the deep is looked upon as a cursed place. It is said that the wind that comes from the Rime Sea and whips through the chasm carries the screams of the dead clansmen, crying for release from the clutches of the demons that torment them in their deep graves.

The port of South Bay sits on the coast of the Rime sea and is the main trading settlement that links the county with Graben and The Theocracy by sea. It is a town that has historically been a target for Northland raids and now suffers the threat of raids from the Undead boneships of the Lichfells.

Palamyr holds many more clansmen that live in the old style than either Graben or Caerlyn. As such, the events of the past are always passed down in an oral tradition. The clans remember a time when they were the true rulers of the north and they speak in hushed tones of a time when the clan lords will rise again and claim what is rightfully theirs. There is no love lost for either their own lords or the lords of the west but with the coming of the foulspawn there are more pressing problems to deal with …

Demon’s Deep

The huge Chasm known as Demon’s Deep is a product of the Days of Fire and stands as a border between Palamyr and the Shieldlands in the east. It is over a mile wide and so deep even the light of the midday sun cannot penetrate its depths.

The people of Palamyr believe that the Deep is cursed. The area around the chasm is desolate with no one living within ten miles of the edge. Before the Days of Fire the area was fertile grasslands fed by tributaries of the rivers that flow through the region. When the cataclysm was over all these families and clans were gone leaving nothing but the ugly rent in the land and the waters from the rivers cascading into the deep.

The local people speak in hushed tones about things that live in the chasm. They say that when the northern winds blow through the chasm the unquiet and restless spirits of the dead are brought to the surface to walk the land and bring clansmen back to the depths to share in their suffering …


Originally, the city was raised upon the highest and most defensible point in Palamyr, the Westfork Pinnacle, a high rocky plateau rising up at the confluence of two rivers. It was raised by the lords of the west after their victory over the eastern clans many years ago. The city was meant as a bastion of strength and a deterrent for the indigenous clansmen, reminding them that the west were the rulers and they held sway in the area. It stayed thus for centuries and the Kingdom settled into a new order as many clansmen took to city life and the old ways began to give way to a new civilization. As the Qadaq Legions arrived and the Kingdom was encompassed into the larger republic, the northern lords moved south and the seat of power moved to The Middle Kingdom. With the might of the republic backing them, the need for Highcrest as a threat to the clans became increasingly redundant as more and more clansmen took to the cities.

When the Days of Fire came, the north emerged relatively unscathed by the upheaval that destroyed Republic lands in the east. The one major exception is the appearance of the Demon Deep. Not more than ten miles from Westfork and the Highcrest, the great chasm opened and swallowed hundreds of farmsteads and small villages leaving a rent in the landscape that has since become a cursed and dark place. Highcrest now serves as an outpost, ever watching the Deep and guarding against the threat that one day something may climb out

Recent History

Count Aldo Merrick, sucumbed to the illness that he was effected to during the Days of Fire, and was replaced by Count Adi, after it was learnt that he had two wards of the Kingdom of Elland within his will for the sucession of his line, should he not recover. Much to the huge joy of the people of Palamyr, with the recent rise of Her Majesty Elsbeth Wyrmsbane; Count Adi was offered the position of Duke of Tarren, which she readily accepted.

Now the title of Palamyr falls to Aldo’s second ward; Ronan. This unknown youngster seems to follow Adrianna’s views on the integration of elves within the Northern Alliance, shying away from the more rigid hardliners of the past. Many at court believe that the two wards of Aldo Merrick are brother and sister due to similiar appearences, but no proof has been found.

County of Palamyr
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