The orcs, goblins, and haiesti follow the demons.

They would say that they do not worship them but rather that they have a common understanding.

Allies who share the Khan’s camp would do well to pay their respects to the Demonic Pantheon even if they are not profound followers.

The Agreement

The demons do not make us serve them we have chosen to do so. Long ago, our people were slaves, we were forced to serve our masters and we had no freedom. Our shaman reached out beyond the stars and found the demons. A bargain was struck, they gave us power and made us mighty, they brought us magic and taught us to fight and in return we agreed to become their allies and to serve them.

We are free. Free to learn to become strong. The strong rule which is as it should be. Many of the demons are strong but an orc can become stronger than a demon and then that demon must serve the orc. All have this freedom. Our greatest are mighty like the Great Khan, Kargun who commands many orcs and goblins. Working with the demons, the Great Khan has managed to find a way to open a gateway to the Vale through which we will go to take what we need.

We are not foolish, we do not worship the demons but we know the truth that we are free to do as we choose, to become strong and to take what we need.

The Nature of the Demon

The demons are very different from the gods. They are less benevolent and realise that not all mortals crave to be led and held in dominion. The demons saw in the orcs and goblins, a strong group of willing allies.

They do not demand service but they do accept it; recognising the skills within mortals and ensuring those who follow them have the skills they require to further their own goals and encourage them to explore these skills and aid them in doing so.

The Demonic Pantheon is much more diverse than the Three. The Khan is currently working in alliance with five powerful demonic entities of the demonic pantheon. They do not ask for worship and their gifts are traded not given freely with payment always being demanded in return.

In addition to these there are always other demons which have their own objectives and goals, and plans to fuel their own interests. Whilst they might not get help from the shaman of the Pyre; their is always other creatures which will want to deal for power.

The Five

A recent change in the established norm occurred when the demon of the machine entered the mirror in replacement of the Unseen. As a result the ‘four’ allies of the Great Khan is in question, and only time will tell what this means.

Further information about what can learnt about their actions and involvement can be found in Demons in the Orc Khanate.

The Demonic Pantheon
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