Beyond all the concerns of the Crown and the Guilds lie the princes of the Faith. The priesthoods of the various gods, although having the King as their monarch, also answer to higher powers. These holy men and women are revered in the Kingdom, and rightly so. It is these bastions of faith that hold the demons at bay and protect the sanctity of the minds of the populace. It is a foolish man who scorns or rebukes a member of the clergy and in some cases punishment can follow. The various holy orders that exist in the Kingdom have many initiates and acolytes and many of these will be sent to the Vale to set the defenses against the darkness and continue to keep the people of the Northern Alliance strong in the face of demonic evil.

The Archimadrite, (the head of the Grand Circle of Faith in The Theocracy), has blessed this endevor and has issued a bull explaining that to venture through the gateway to the Vale is not only a righteous undertaking but also a holy calling. With this blessing in place, men and women of faith from across the kingdom have volunteered to offer their service to their King and their gods in equal measure.He has sent two of his most trusted high priests and a powerful Chosen of the Father to accompany the expedition and provide spiritual aid and support to the faithful.

Priestly vestments come in many colours and differing levels of complexity. The higher the rank of priest, the more lavish the vestments. The highest religious power of the 4 nations is the Archimandrite. This most beloved of the Father resides in the temple city of Sarqand in The Theocracy. All priests owe at least a passing loyalty to this august patron and this can often cause awkward situations to arise in regards to the fealty of priests loyal to the Kingdom.

The Faith
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