Born out of desperation, the Federation was formed containing all the countries which made up the Northern Alliance:

The Theocracy of Numina; the home of the Gods led by the Arcimandrite
The Kingdom of Elland; the powerful monastic country run by King Elsbeth
The Northlands; a brutal landscape run by a harsh queen Roshia Argent
The Archipegao of Shields; no one leader has come forward for the area, but many lay claim to it.
The Worshipful League of True Folk; run by the Widowed Assembly, nick named ‘Red Isles
Feralia; created to safely guard the heart of the Federation from all sides

Within the Federation a new country was born; Feralia, at its heart the District of Caerlyn, the new seat of governance.

The Federation is run by the Federation Council pulling in represenatives from each of the countries to ensure all interests are served equally.

The many Guilds of the Federation have all been relocated to the District to allow for greater sharing of knowledge and progression of research.

It also provides Federation Law to which all member nations must follow. These have been established in order to help nations work together which attemptin to maintain each country’s cultures and customs, without negating their own local laws.

The Federation