The Federation is composed of a conglomerate of nations. Each nation has it’s own individual geography, history and culture, forced together into this alliance to fight against the incursion of the Khanate.

Kingdom of Elland

Where once the Kingdom of Elland was just a minor border region at the outer edge of the Republic, the cataclysm and the destruction of the Republic has left them as a powerful and significant bastion of human resistance…

Mountain of Fire

The recent destruction of the Lichfells, moved the continents and many mountains formed where none exisited before, and others completely disappeared beneath the oceans. The Mountain of Fire was one such victim.


Once attached in its south to The Theocracy, all that remains is a sliver of land connection it. A vast icy wasteland that has recently seen the loss of its eastern coastline by nearly 100 miles. At the southern edges for the first time green lands have been viewed beneath the snowy tundra.

It is a harsh land filled with glaicial ice shelves, snow covered mountains, and deep forests of evergreens. In the summer rivers of ice become fast-flowing fjords which lead to the Eismeer in the west, and the Rime Sea in the East.

Archipelago of Shields

Once the harsh desert lands of the Shieldlands. The recent destruction of the Lichfells has wrought change over most of the surrounding region, but none took the brunt more than the Shieldlands.

Amonst the turbulent waters, where the Rime Sea, and the Iron Sea meet, are a collection of islands, the highest points left behind in what once was a arid desert landscape.

With the sand all but gone, verdant new areas have formed and unqiue geological areas have been created.

The Sisters are no longer, with Toleda being violently pushed into Tyrass, the new larger island has been formed, with an irrating mountain range down its centre, for those that would wish to travel east to west.

In an old republic citadel, New Santuary has been formed, led by the ex-Knight Commander of the Eastern Front.

The Red Isles

The Worshipful League of True Folk and its Dependencies, or “Red Isles” for short, are a nation of fervent religious traders who have established their own colonies, built in the image of their forebears. In two centuries, they have transitioned from a migrant cult of the Mother, to the most technologically advanced nation in the Federation.

Recently they have started a political war with the Theocracy, but this will not change their stance with aiding the Federation with the advanced of the Khanate.


The entire west coast of the main continent of the Federation is home to the Theocracy of Numinia. A force to be reckoned with even before the Days of Fire; then it was protected by the Kingdom of Elland, the buffer state. Now it is a full partner providing divine guidance and hardy warriors to the war effort.

The Federation