Set against this background of feudalism and heraldic compliance are the guilds. Guild members work towards different goals and live within Elland providing the goods, services and training that are required to give human lands the edge in the war against the Great Khan. The crafting guilds are led by a highly secretive under-council; its composition is unknown and even its existence is little more than whispers.

The guilds wear the colours of the royal House of Shadowbane with badges or medallions to denote their guild loyalty and rank. Their royal patent provides the guilds and their members with autonomy from the feudal system of rule. Only the King or his proper representatives (such as Duchess Elsbeth and her seneschal, Tarsk Feron), can command them to use their skills for specific tasks.

For the sake of the Kingdom and the survival of the human nations, the guilds have agreed to focus their efforts on the Vale and send their best journeymen and apprentices to aid in the war effort. These men and women have been handpicked as experts in their fields and will be essential to the expeditions success.

Creators of essential healing
potions, powerful applications
for weapons, and marvellous
food and teas.

Creators of accoutrements
of war that the warriors
need to fight in the battle
against the Orc Khanate.

Creators of essential
garments, icons and
wooden products used
by mages everywhere.

Set up to train students in
the use of the new weapons and armours created by the War Smiths. This guild was given into the charge of The Lion Guard and traditionally its Master is the current Knight General of that most elite fighting force.

Sometimes referred to as the magic guild, the academy is also a powerful force in the Alliance. Representatives will be sent to aid in any matters arcane. It is this Academy who have opened the way to the Vale, allowing the expedition entry.

The Guilds
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