beastkinkingdomculture3resizedThe Beastkin that are in service to and are allied with the Northern Alliance are generally treated as commoners by the people of the Elland. The one notable exception where the Kingdom is concerned is the Legio Canis or Legion of Wolves.

This unit of faithful canine soldiers was raised early after the Days of Fire ended and it was clear that many new invaders assailed the borders of human held lands. An insightful general from the old Qadaq republic by the name of Haran Thanys realized very early that the Kingdom was the new power now that his old land was a broken shell. He approached the King and offered his services as a military tactician and warrior and pledged himself to Elland, swearing his oath to the Shadowbane Throne.

The nobility of the newly powerful kingdom could not in all conscience accept an outsider of low birth into their high born ranks but neither could they shun the expertise of such an experienced soldier. The King took Thanys’ oath and tasked him with the defense of The Southern Marches far away from the high born nobles and court politics that he was deemed unfit to participate in. Haran was undeterred by this slight and headed south to begin his duties. What he discovered in the South was a land in turmoil. The south had long been ignored by The Middle Kingdom and seen as a collection of low born minor nobles that were best left to fend for themselves. When Thanys arrived most cities were desperately attempting to bolster their defenses against the increasing waves of river clan attacks and orc raiding parties that had begun months before.

Immediately, the Quadaq general realized he had to act. He needed warriors and he found them in battle with a raiding orc force. A desperate conflict between a tribe of canine beastkin and the crew of a river orc corsair was playing out on the coast near a Kingdom fishing village. Drawing his sword and sounding the attack Haryn and his small contingent of officers charged in and turned the tide against the orcs. The canines recognized a true alpha when they saw one and took him as their leader. Over the next few years, the general cultivated his small force as more and more canine beastkin flocked to his banner. He erected the line of border forts now known as Haryn’s Wall and the Legio Canis or Legion of Wolves has manned them against invasion to this day. The Legion styles itself on the Qadaq legionnaires of General Thanys’ homeland. They wear their colours with pride and honour and carry out their duties with a fanatical devotion to their General and through him, the King.

The Legion wears livery of red and blue under their Qadaq style armour and favour weapon and shield as a style of fighting.

The Legio Canis
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