For many years before the Days of Fire the royal seat of power in Elland has been found in the Middle Kingdoms. The royal capital of the realm, Ironmark sits in the centre of the rich and prosperous Duchy of Tarren. Tarren sits at the centre of Elland and allows King Edric a position from which to rule his kingdom. To the west lies the County of Northwyn that borders The Theocracy to the East and to the West is the County of Riance with its eastern border brushing the Shieldlands. The Middle Kingdoms is not the first seat of power for the kings of Elland. Centuries ago the first kings sat on the throne in the northern city of Graben and it is not forgotten by the northern lords that the old clans from whence Elland grew were once the true rulers of this land.


The Royal heraldic style of tunic, tabard and House colours is the standard in the green plains and rolling hills of central Elland. The capital of Ironmark is the seat of King Edric and the royal heraldry of white and purple is seen throughout this region. The most influential ducal houses are situated in this region and it is no coincidence that the Ducal House of Tarren has been granted the royal patent to explore the Vale. Elland holds within its borders Royal Ironmark and as such, it is easy for even the least politically minded citizen to understand the favour that is bestowed on this house by the King.

Middle Kingdoms
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