There exists in every society a particular group that believes that the end justifies the means. In the Kingdom of Elland this group is the Order of the Knights of Scarlet Redemption.

The order was formed in the days before the cataclysm by a lord of the Northern Fifes named Duke Eadgar Graben. For years the Duke had fought to repel attacks from raiding Northmen and mercenary bands from across the Rime Sea. His Duchy had been constrained for years by the articles of war adhered to rigidly by the honourable kingdom forces and slowly but surely he saw his people and land burned by invading savages.

It is said that finally it became to much for the Duke to bear and he made a pledge to the Warrior that no more would his people be slaughtered as the noble houses bickered over command and rank. He would no longer listen as the screams of the dying were muffled by the petty bickering of noble men trying to curry favour. He made his vow that no more would anything stand in the way of him protecting his people and upon that oath he created the so named Brotherhood of Scarlet Redemption.

The Duke ignored the normal rules of nobility in forming this society and asked only that those skilled men at arms who joined swore an Oath to the Warrior to forever defend the weak and helpless of The Northern Fifes against invaders and tyrants. He even looked upon the elves in his land and proclaimed that even they if they are devout of the warrior could join the order and fight against the forces arayed against them. The uproar in The Middle Kingdom at the sheer audacity of the move rippled through all the noble houses in the land. It was just as the King was sending The Lion Guard to depose the Duke that The Priesthood stood and proclaimed that this venture had been sanctioned by the Warrior. They proclaimed it had been deemed a resolute act of piety that would not be punished by mortal censure. To this day the Dukes of Graben always send one of their sons to the order as a mark of respect to the Warrior and to further affirm their alliance with the Knights.

From that day and beyond the Days of Fire the Brotherhood has protected The Northern Fifes. Since the invasion many of the scarlet clad warriors have travelled south to fight the Great Khan and others, east to battle the Undead menace. Suffice to say that the reavers of the Undead Grey fleets and the orc and goblin forces of the Great Khan are aware of the ferocity of these scarlet avengers. They know them as the Red Death and it is said that the sight of these scarlet clad knights charging without fear into the heart of their ranks has turned more than one battle.

The Brotherhood stands to this day as the only knightly order that does not require you to have been of at least minor noble blood to join and actively seeks out those of skill rather than those of high blood to join their ranks. They still allow elves to join and take holy orders, a practice that is looked upon with disdain by nobles everywhere but they are powerless to do anything due to the divine mandate of the warrior. To temper this feeling of anger towards the order priests of the mother and the father are retained in the order to calm the savage fury that boils in each of these warrior knights. Their main chapter house, the fortress of Falcons Reach is situated in the duchy of Graben on the edge of the salt marshes with a good view of the Rime sea. At any point the forces of the order can ride out to meet any threat from the sea. In these times of alliance however, it is more often Undead bone ships rather than the Northmen’s drakkars that tend to be the enemy in the current climate.

The Order of Scarlet Redemption
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