Arriving during Expedition 8; The People are the last remnants of a once great civilization that was all but eradicated by war with the Council of Liches.

Newly created People know little to nothing about the war they lost.

They now have a new home in the Mountains of Fire and a place within the Northern Alliance to aid them get revenge for the, almost, genocide of their race.

There are two main types of creature that call themselves The People;

Mechanicals. These often appear humanoid in size, but constructed like hollow suits of armor, generally with shrouded faces, or with masks, or visors. Some sport tubes which carry substances around their bodies of a magical nature.

Golemic. The much rarer variety are carved from stone, or shaped from other types of raw material. Some have been seen as delicate crystal or brass statues, whilst others are crudely hewn granite, and a few come from single casts or molds. Their faces are often either heartbreakingly human, or rough and incomplete.

Minimum Phys Rep

The People are automata that let their ever evolving bodies carry their spirit around. As a result, they have a large phys-rep requirement, including but not limited to full face mask, body suits, etc.

If you would like to play a member of The People please contact the Duke’s Camp Ref Team and they will be happy to discuss your costume design with them.



Clockwork Droids from Doctor Who

Tik-Tok in L. Frank Baum’s Oz books

Talos in Greek Mythology

Golems from Dungeons & Dragons

The People
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