A sprawling metropolis of industry and invention, separated into four quarters of madness and mayhem. The alchemist’s quarter, the spell forger’s quarter provides a function similar to the Mage Crafters of the kingdom and enables the more magic oriented warriors and shaman the means to throw their essence into all manner of powerful spells, the war forgers are the more hands on Tinkers who, through a process of elimination and many lost limbs, have created the tools of war that the great warriors of the Khanate need to fight the human foe, and finally there is the Hub, the home and work place of the ruling body of High Tinkers that govern the Pit and allocate its resources.

The tinker stronghold in the south west of the Orclands is a smoky hive of bustling innovation and dangerous experimentation. The city is separated into different areas that are controlled by the various factions of tinkers who all vie for the resources that are needed to continue their craft. The Pit is divided into four quarters. The alchemy pits, the magik labs and the smelting works all churn out the items and creations that are needed for the Khans forces. These three constantly petition and squabble for the attention of the high tinkers from the fourth quarter known as the Hub. The rulers of the pit allocate material, time and cash to the three factions, deciding which inventions to sponsor and which are not worthy. This system of authority breeds a very political and cut throat society where it has been known for certain tinkers to be found “shived-up” in the sewers due to their competition being a little too zealous about getting funding for a certain new prototype.

The current ruler Rattik “Slippy” Pugno goes by the title of Grand Tinker and has the final say in anything that goes on in the Pit. The High tinkers are not adverse to accepting bribes for their patronage and many an invention has been the result of a high tinker being “eminently compensated” for their time…

In general the pit is a dirty, oily place with many strange smells and miasmas around every corner. The walls are commonly covered in strange residues and multi-coloured liquids flow from outlet pipes into the deep and voluminous sewers under the city. With the multitude of failed experiments and effluvia that flows into the depths below the Pit, it is not unsurprising that many rumours and tales tell of the wildlife in the deep being, “changed”. Only the most crazed and foolhardy goblins, known as “sewer boys”, venture into the dark tunnels. Their job of cleaning and dredging the waterways is looked upon as one of the most dangerous and suicidal and they are paid well for their trouble, as many never return from the stagnant gloom.

The Hub

The Hub is the home of the high tinkers. These expert crafters have risen to the very top of their fields and form the ruling elite of the city. High tinkers have access to all areas of knowledge and stand above the other goblins of the three factions in being able to access any and all of the recipes and blueprints that are churned out by the cities’ residents. The High Tinker, Boomer Coppervault has been sent as the representative of the Grand Tinker to the Vale with a new contraption known only as “The Machine”. This device, rumoured to be created with help from the demons, has the ability to create all types of item using the resources from this magical place, thus removing the need for huge amounts of cumbersome machinery and able to be operated by a single tinker regardless of his particular expertise.

The Alchemy Dens

The tunnels and warrens that make up the alchemy dens are next to impossible to enter without the correct breathing equipment. The labs of the dens all have a link to the central drain of the quarter and all failed experiments and waste materials are funnelled to this location and fall into the sewers to mix and swirl in the melting pot below. Foetid and caustic gases flow through the underground halls hanging in the air in a multi coloured fog. Hundreds of Alchemists experiment with recipes and concoctions each day, trying to create the next breakthrough in alchemical research as well as claiming bragging rights over the rest of their clan.

The Magik Labs

The jagged towers and spires of the magik labs crackle and hum with the arcane engineering of the spell-forgers. These magically inclined tinkers constantly strive to create new and increasingly powerful, if sometimes unstable, devices. These allow the wizards of the Khans forces to better harness the eldritch power of storm, fire and ice as well as the more insidious disciplines of necromancy and conjuration. The labs of the magik quarter are housed high on these precarious towers of steel and lead to contain the potentially devastating magical energy and keep it away from the main city. The sky above the Pit is always filled with the arcane discharge of hundreds of spells and experiments from the myriad tower labs. A common tinker pastime is to sit on the tavern roofs or living quarters making wagers on which tower will explode or which spell forger will make the next mistake.

The Smelting Works

Smoke, soot and charcoal is the first thing that hits you when you enter the smelting works. The sound of hammer on anvil is constant and the air is so hot that it can burn your lungs if you are unprepared. The tinkers of this quarter are constantly experimenting with ores and alloys, trying to cast new and improved weapons and armour for the war effort. They use any and all ingredients to improve their creations and imbue them with all manner of powers and abilities. Working with the heat and volatile materials that are needed to create weapons and armour of an arcane nature means that the life of a smelter is not easy. Many a smith has been turned to ash or lost a limb whilst trying to create the next big thing in warfare. Tinkers of this faction tend to sport many burns and scars from their run-ins with less than perfect experiments.

The Pit
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