Across the Kingdom of Elland there are many orders of nobility that noble men and women can join for glory and honour. There are few however that exist for purely selfless reasons.

The Order of Benevolent Knights known as the Swords of the Mother are a deeply religious order of templars who are sworn to the worship of the Mother and the preservation of all human life. They teach that the healing of the sick and injured and the protection of the bodies of the faithful is the highest calling. They learn the skills of the healer during their period as a squire and continue to hone these skills throughout their lives.

The order maintains many strongholds throughout the Kingdom which serve as the best hospitals and healing way stations in the land. The order grew from a seminary hospital run by an order of nuns known as the Tears of the Mother. The knights were raised to protect the various holds and properties of the order and grew to be a powerful force for protection in Elland. Their main stronghold is the fortified hospital monastary of Silver keep in the northern county of Palamyr.

The Swords travel the land in lances giving aid where they can and defending the sick and injured at every turn. They can always be found in and among the troops on the front lines of the war, giving aid and assisting other healers, running hospitals and defending surgeons and apothecaries as they carry out their essential trade.

Their livery is white and blue with an emblazoned teardrop and sword as their heraldry. All Swords carry tools and surgical instruments that have been blessed by the Mother Superior of the Order of Tears and they treasure these items above all things, considering them their connection to their goddess.

In recent years a change in their livery has been adopted by those that travel into the Vale, and they can be found in black and blue. This has caused a mixed reaction in the order, but is generally accepted.

Swords of the Mother
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