The geography and climate of the varies hugely from place to place. Its uppermost border once touched Northlands and was covered in snow and ice. With the shifting of the continents, the landmass has moved south and become warmer. Tarnova is the last place where a landbridge exists between the Northlands and Theocracy lands. To the east of Tarnova the start of the Rime Sea, to the west the start of the Eismeer Ocean.

Sarqand sits in the centre of the Theocracy, also at the highest point in the land, amongst the Zybrisian Mountains, which rise high above the lands around. Riverways stretch from the mountains; some natural like the flows to Almintra and Tarnova; some worked by magic like the canal which connects to the District of Caerlyn and the large river that flows to Kalash and Valannar.   Given the limited space on the Zybrisian Plateau the city cannot grow any larger, and smaller settlements are starting to grow alongside the rivers.

Settlements in the northern Theocracy are heavily fortified structures that have been built to resist the historical attacks from the Northmen raiders from across the sea, with Tarnova being the regional hub.

The lands between Tarnova and Sarqand are temperate and fertile. Rolling plains with few settlements, except those that are littered down the coastlines and rivers.

South of the Sarqand the temperature grow warmer still; in the west it opens to desert land, whilst in the east the wet fertile lands have started to produce a thick jungle which spreads west towards the river.

Almitra is a deep water port with a temple city on the cliffs above at the end of Mintratus river. It provides a necessary base for the transportation of goods to and from the Worshipful League of True Folk, and coastal supply of lesser towns and villages along the coast.

Valannar has risen in prominence with the Acolyte, it has always been a centre of learning in the Theocracy, and contains their College of Magic. It’s only failing is that it is in the desert, which is expanding year on year.

In the far south, there used to be The Mountain of Fire, a vast active volcano. Only recently has the mountain disappeared into the sea, leaving behind a boiling cauldron on smoke and ash which is deadly to explore. Kalash once a stronghold guarding the against the Mountain Orc Tribes that lives within the slopes has now become a major defensive city on the southern borders, and the newly nick-named ‘Fire Sea’

As a people, the denizens of the Theocracy tend towards the more mercantile and scholarly pursuits and a significant proportion of them are employed or are heavily involved with the running and upkeep of the temples and the veneration of the gods. Some reach the hallowed rank of priest, working in the places of worship or educating the young. Many others practice the path of the artisan, often inscribing holy script on to their creations.

The lands are divied into several territories which are run by Arch Priests reporting directly to the Heirophants. From north to south:

Tarnasra; the plains north of Sarqand and east of the Zybris are controlled from the city of Tarnova, and since the recent change in climate are the most beautiful place to live, with rolling green hills and lands, untouched by civilisation. Its most populous cities are those that existed before the change in climate noteably; Tarnova, and Zalivgrad. Newer towns have formed along the river banks; Alos, Ahos, and Dedar (which borders the Feralia rivers)

Shemasra; the plains north of Sarqand and west of the Zybris are controlled from the port town of Shemova. Large portions of this area have been made into farmlands to provide food for the rest of the country. Nebud and Qswur are both fishing ports that have recently undergone some improvement in the ports to include warships.

Sarqand; the great temple city which stands as a beacon of faith to all the lands that see it. Its vast size means it is divided into three regions each run by an Arch Priest.

Janissa; east of Sarqand and south of the Tarnasra plains Janissa is a vast area run by the fortified city of Kalash, including the towns of Listi, Prest, and Halo.

Mintra is the smallest of the territories outside of Sarqand, and covers the very fertile lands to the south of the captial. Much of the land is given over to the production of wine, grapes, and fruits that grow best in hot climates.

Istrinah; the nomadic deserts and far south west cities of Ventward, Kfar Marhine, and new deepwater port of Radiantvale. It is hot even when on the coast, with temperatures soaring inland. Valannar sits on the edge of the hottest part of the desert, though the Arch Priest often prefers the cooler climate of Radiantvale.

The culture of the Theocracy is as different as the Kingdom of Elland’s as the sun is to the moon; with everyone working towards a common goal in following the words and will of the Archimandrite and the Grand Circle of Faith.

The Theocracy of Numina