The Warrior is normally depicted as female, the child-like daughter of The Father and The Mother: She who fights against the demons and drives them back from our door.

The Warrior was only ever a small cult of inquisitors and exorcists. Now that the demons and their minions walk the land, the Warrior has taken on new importance as many more people have become involved in fighting the demons. She rose to ascendancy shortly after the beginning of the war.

The star is seen as a powerful force that represents the warrior. Just as the stars are legion so to is the strength of the warrior boundless.

The gryphon is seen as a powerful symbol of strength and resilience, is tied very closely to warrior worship. Temple Guards who are devotees of the Warrior often use the gryphon as a sacred symbol.

At the end of the 12th year after the days of fire there was a significant change in the Warriors power boosting her following and status within the Theocracy.

At Expedition 14 it was announced by The Father and The Mother that she was no longer a child, and as an adult would take on more responsibility in the world.

The Warrior is to be not only their to protect and guide those that fight against the enemies of the Northern Alliance, but also be a god of Crafting; to lead those that would create the powerful weapons of war, and a god of Integration; so that the Theocracy can change and accept new races into the ranks of the ordained.

In many of the new depictions of The Warrior they show a lady wearing a bright red scarf. Scholars have yet to say why this has happened, but note that the god has not objected to the change.

With her new fame and power she has now achieved the same status as the Mother and Father in the eyes of many.

The Warrior
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