Once a single continent recent storms broke the area of the Homelands away from the main area of the Orclands. The wide river expanse between the two remains fairly shallow and tidal, allowing river boats to transverse its course, with low tide revealing the contintent whole once more.

To the northwest the great Fire Peak has sunk into the sea leaving a change on small hilly islands that were once its foothills lay.

In the north east high above the islands shown, Port Djandok still remains, closer to Federation lands than Khanate, the old way station between Khanate and the Lichfells.

Do not be fooled by its size, the Khanate lands are bigger in mass than the whole of the Federation lands, with far more habitable lands.

The Orclands are the homes of the wandering orc and goblin tribes, the river communites and at its heart The Pyre; a large underground city, hollowed out of the earth and dedicated to the Demons that they choose to follow.

The Khanate