Recent History

At the turn of year 16 after the Days of Fire, the Lichfells was destroyed by the violent release of magic from the Great Below, led by a creature known as Ur-Sogoroth.

Now the remanants of all Khanate races have moved to the continent of Orclands, a vast island south of their northern enemies the Federation.

Below is an overview of the Khanate before the Wrath of Ur-Sogoroth, as further information is known, updates will occur to this information.

The Orclands

The vast home of the Orc and Goblin tribes, clans and kin-bands. The fertile heartlands provide a wealth of plains, rivers and mountains to accomodate the warring forces which make up the bulk of the Orc Khanate.

The Lichfells

Once the western most reaches of the Qadac Empire, the Days of Fire saw them transformed into the Lichfells. They became the the home of the Undead; the ever living armies of the Liches and the other assorted creatures which have manifested recently: One notable being Vampires.

The Pit

The ancestral home of the Goblin Tinker Clan, it is the current home of the Tinker’s guild, and a place of great danger for everyone, including those that call it home.

The Desert of Glass

The southern plains of the Orc Khanate are a seemingly barren desert. Recently information has been brought to the Great Khan’s attention that it is not as uninhabited as it was once thought…

The Khanate