The Land of the Gods

The geography and climate of the Theocracy varies hugely from place to place. Its uppermost border touches the Rime Sea and the Isenford and as such the area is cold and covered in snow in the winter.

Settlements in the northern Theocracy are heavily fortified structures that have been built to resist the historical attacks from the Northmen raiders from across the sea, with Tarnova being the regional hub.

The Heartlands are temperate, fertile and windy, and the rolling plains and plateaus are well populated with a number of settlements, including the majestic temple city of Sarqand, the capital and seat of the Archimandrite, leader of the Faith.

The coasts of the Theocracy support a number of fishing villages which allow the temple cities to harvest the bounty of the western ocean and patrol the waters for signs of Northmen raiders.

In the south-west lies the bay of Almitra and the temple city and port of the same name. Once a lively trading port, following the Cataclysm, Almitra now only trades with the Red Isles, the only off shore nation to still have any contact with the mainland.

In the far south, the Mountains of Fire rear up as a volcanic wall, with the stronghold of Kalash guarding the frontier from possible assaults by the Orc Khanate.

As a people, the denizens of the Theocracy tend towards the more mercantile and scholarly pursuits and a significant proportion of them are employed or are heavily involved with the running and upkeep of the temples and the veneration of the gods. Some reach the hallowed rank of priest, working in the places of worship or educating the young. Many others practice the path of the artisan, often inscribing holy script on to their creations.

Of the many settlements, several stand out above others:

  • Sarqand, the great temple city and shining light of the Northern Alliance
  • Almitra, the scholastic visionaries and training grounds for viziers
  • Tarnova, the water city, built at the head of the great river Zybris
  • Kalash, the stronghold that stands in the shadow of the Mountains of Fire.
  • Istrinah, the nomadic deserts of the far flung south west territories of the Theocracy

The culture of the Theocracy is as different as the Kingdom of Elland’s as the sun is to the moon; with everyone working towards a common goal in following the words and will of the Archimandrite and the Grand Circle of Faith.

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