The western end of the continent has been left virtually untouched by the cataclysm.

Prior to the changes, this area was left by the Republic for political reasons: It is the land of birth of the Magister and has long been under the rule of the Grand Circle of Faith.

The Republic found it expedient not to have them within the state but to have it as a friend nearby. Whilst they protected the Theocracy they also ensured that it was not part of the Republic, going so far as to maintain a border state as a buffer; the Kingdom of Elland.

The priests teach that the Theocracy was untouched by the cataclysm because the gods protected their faithful followers and once all the lands are united under the faith the gods will allow us to drive the demons out once more.

With the loss of the protection from the Republic the head of the Grand Circle of Faith, the Archimandrite, relies now upon the Kingdom and the remnants of the Republic in the Shieldlands for physical protection.

It is the job of all faithful to protect the spiritual well being of the people while others handle mundane, physical protection.

While the Theocracy supports the worship of all the Divine Assembly the dominant and lead faith is the worship of the Three.

The climate of the Theocracy is quite varied due to its geographic situation. Its northern border touches the Isenford and as such the area is cold and covered in snow for a large part of the year. The central region is more temperate with rolling plains and low lying hills. As you travel south towards the borders of the Orclands, the Mountains of Fire rear up as a wall against intruders. The western edge of the land supports a number of small port towns each of which maintain a fleet to harvest the bounty of the Eismeer and patrol the waters for signs of Northland raiders.


Current Events

With the discovery of The Vale the Archimandrite has insisted that the Theocracy be represented in the expeditions. He has reminded King Edric that the evil forces of the demons will need to be held at bay and that Elland’s forces are not strong enough to do this on their own.

As a gesture of goodwill, the Grand Circle dispatched an expeditionary force of Janissary Soldiers, Temple Guard and several High Priests, with oversight from the Grey Vigil and a Hierophant assigned to the leader of the Northern Alliance.

This force is tasked with the set up of the Fane, and to ensure proper worship and oversight occurs in town of Gateway.


General: Persian style robes and dress, bronze and gold accessories, priestly and pious trappings and regalia. Holy script can be on seals, dress and skin.

Specific cities and soldiery.

Janissaries: Turkish Janissaries, Mamluk infantry, Achaemenid Archers, Hashashin, Haradrim.

Temple Guard: Persian Cataphracts, Magna Guard, Sarafan Warrior-Priests.

Tarnova: Carpathian culture under Ottoman Rule, Romanian/Hungarian style.

Sarqand: Parthian and Sassanid Empires; later cities on the Silk Roads, particularly Samarkand. Masks and head/face coverings, particularly for The Priesthood and wealthy.

Almitra: Rhodes, Byzantine and Turkish influences.

Kalash: Desert cultures, particularly Arabic/Bedouin.

Theocracy Culture