In my 20 summers, I have lost a great deal. Families, friends, comrades, but my greatest loss came only recently.

On our forth expedition to The Vale, I was wed to Blade of House Fenix, Blade. part attraction, part deal to Lord Fenix.

Blade and I had met during the second expedition, after I had arrested him for attacking a Noble. Somehow, he had started developing a crush of me, and strangely, I began to feel the same. Although he was annoying, and very overconfident, underneath, he was charming and lovely. The few hours we had together were, to me, the start of a wonderful relationship.

We were wed on the Saturday of the forth expedition. A small ceremony, attended by a few in the camp. Out in the Vale, we worked together like a married couple should do and my heart felt warm knowing that I had somebody who would protect me as I would to them.

Sadly, I had to leave and return to the Kingdom to attend to other duties, thus leaving my new husband, but I was confident he would be ok. He was clever and sneaky after all.

Once the expedition returned however, I was informed that Blade had been killed and my magic flared, out of control. The ache in my heart overwhelmed me, and my fire destroyed everything in my chambers. I cried, and screamed for hours, fully aware that the flames surrounding me were not dying down and that everybody within the academy could hear me, but I cared not. Once again, I had lost somebody close to me, because I was not there to help.

When I had exhausted all my magic, the fires died down, and my room was burnt to a cinder.

I exited my bed chamber and headed for my bath chamber. I caught my appearance in the mirror above the sink. I looked dreadful….I felt dreadful. The strand of fire in my hair had grown in length, perhaps a reaction to my loss and the explosion of my magic?

I vowed to never again, get attached to another, knowing that my heart could not take another loss…

A Wizard’s Loss