A collection of of diaries written by Sasha Emrys. She was a member of the Lion Guard who kept careful records of her life and the lives of others as they went on expeditions in the Vale

Day 1
We arrived into The Vale through a portal that the Arch mage conjured….I stupidly fell through the portal backwards much to my own embarrassment and to Ser Kaylens.

Myself, Tori, Rhen and the Strongclaw brothers quickly went out scavenging for resources and found several strange materials that we do not have back home.

Later we were attacked by the Khans forces and an attempt on the Duchesses life was made by an Orc who had somehow passed through our barrier. He was quickly taken down by Sergeant Major Peter Llewellyn Boothroyd, one of my fellow Lion Guard, but not before The Duchesses steward was taken down. Thankfully I was quick to act and deal with his injury. I would hate to have lost a life whilst I was there to prevent it.

We lost one life that night and put and end to another out of kindness.

Day 2
The next morn, I decided to learn and craft some potions to better help our healers and myself whilst in The Vale which could save our comrades lives on the field of battle.

I also noticed that “The Chosen one” was watching me which made me uneasy… I’m not a huge fan of faith but I guess that’s because of my past. Eventually he got frustrated by me running away and ignoring him, so he spoke to Ser Kaylen who ordered me to speak to him. Totally unfair if you ask me but reluctantly I sat down to talk about my lack of faith and issues with The Three. Luckily, we got a call about some of the Khans forces up on the ridge and I quickly dashed out of the tent to help.

Sadly for the rest of the day, we lost many friends. All but one of The Temple Guard were obliterated by ‘The Father’ and we lost one of the Strongclaw brothers, Logan, during the battle. I’m sure I could hear Fenris howling in the night for the loss of his other half.

Later in the evening, after seeing off some more of the Khans forces, “The Chosen One” called for me again. I ignored him once but the second time he called me, I felt compelled to go to him and that frightened me. I was very reluctant to speak to him still but he spoke anyway. I decided that he wasn’t as bad as I thought he was and he did make some valid points about “The Three”. I’m not saying that I will become a religious nut over night or anything, but just a little bit of faith was restored to me.

That night, I was haunted by a terrible dream, or was it a vision. Three shadowy figures stood above my body and angrily shouted “Beware”. Behind them stood Ser Kaylen, and as she walked off into the shadows, they whispered “It is coming” I knew I had to speak with “The Chosen One” as soon as possible.

Day 3
After I spoke to “The Chosen One”, he quickly led me to “The Seer”. I explained my dream to her and she took me to speak to “The Hierophant”. Once again I spoke of my dream and they all agreed that it could be a warning from “The Three” but they were unsure. I also informed Ser Kaylen of my dream but I am still shaken by its meaning.

We were later attacked at the barrier by the Khans forces. Myself and the other fire mages used our power to shatter any bows we saw to try and bide time for our comrades to go out and take them down. Unfortunately as I was dealing with one bow, another shot an arrow at me and hit me right in the chest. The pain was excruciating but thankfully I was quickly picked up and taken to be healed. As soon as I was fit enough, I helped tend to those who had also been hurt in the battle, using my skills and potions to get people back out into the battle.

As I returned out to the field, I could see our forces gathered up on the slope. One of our men was in a one to one battle with an orc. Sadly he fell but before his body was returned to us, the orcs marked him with their mark of honour! Something that is very rare for an orc to do.

Soon after we dealt with our dead and began to pack up to head home.

I can’t wait to return to my tower at The Academy and pass out in my bed!

A few days after arriving back in Ironmark I have been left with the feeling of exhausted and uneasiness. I knew that I did not have much time back home before we would be required to return to The Vale on another expedition, nor did Ser Kaylen want any of us going off on personal matters, but the need to travel and clear my head was more overwhelming than my ability to follow orders right now.

After some extensive research in the Academy library and some of my own personal books, I decided that I would try and seek out a rare flower that I have grown up knowing about but never seeing one in person. A fire Lilly.

The books states that these rare flowers thrive off heat, hence their location. I knew there was only one area that I would be likely to find one, if the research was indeed correct, The Mountains of Fire, south west of the kingdom and above the Orc Lands. I have never been that close to the Orc Lands on my own and part of me instantly wanted to give up and find another adventure to depart on…but the other part of me, burned with excitement. To think what could come from finding this plant! Extensive research could provide new ways to heal somebody, or perhaps extend their magical powers. With not a second more to lose, I quickly packed up a few basic supplies into my backpack, grabbed my wand, and sprinted out the Academy and towards the stables.

Very few people within the city actually own a horse. They tend to be creatures that only knights of the king own and whilst I am a part of The Lion Guard, the only person within the guard who owns the right to a steed was Kaylen. It’s actually because of Kaylen that I have a mare of my own, a gift that she bought me two years ago for my birthday. A beautiful white thoroughbred that I named Luna. Life without Luna wouldn’t be the same, she has been on many travels with me, kept me company and once saved me from a wolf. Such a brave and noble creature I have been gifted. Arriving at the stables, I quickly ask the stable boy to prepare Luna for the trip. Whilst he saddles her up, I feed her a few carrots and stroke her face. She whines lightly and tosses her head back before nuzzling my hand. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had an adventure, and I wonder if she is as excited as me for this trip.

I had decided that the best route for reaching The Mountains of Fire, would be to go via Dun Clynth and then to Kalash, where I would have to leave Luna in good care of somebody whilst I scale up the mountain. The route would be very unsafe for Luna to trek up. The Mountains of Fire weren’t always called that. Previously they were named The Mountains of Myst, but because of the cataclysm, some of the mountains exploded and now the night sky is illuminated by the earth fires that burn day and night. Such an area causes much stress and worry for many, humans and orcs alike. There have been few that have ventured there and returned alive. I don’t plan on being one of those many who never return. I have a job to do and I plan on seeing it through till the bitter end. Luna is set to go and as the stable boy helps me up onto her and into the saddle; he asks if I would like him to inform Ser Kaylen of my journey. I think for a moment, before shaking my head. Kaylen has more to worry about right now than me leaving my post. Grabbing the reigns, I gently tug them, encouraging Luna to break into a slow trot out of the stable. Once out and into the street, I kick her flank lightly, causing her to break into a full gallop down the road and towards the city gates. The trip from Ironmark to Dun Clynth should take me perhaps 7 days, only resting a few hours a night. Once I arrive at the town, I can stock up on resources again and head towards the stronghold of Kalash within another 7 days, providing I don’t run into trouble along the way that is.

Surprisingly, my journey to Dun Clynth was uneventful. Travelling through the day and staying awake through the night, thanks to some potions I had been taking to keep me awake. Luna learnt very early on in her life that sleeping slightly away from me under some foliage would keep us both safe. After all, if we were ever attacked, she would be able to run away…not that she’s ever done that yet, even when I’ve ordered her to. She’s a damn loyal horse. Dun Clynth is a very peaceful place, having never been attacked by Orc forces. Entering the town, I can already hear praise being given to the Designer, and I roll my eyes. I had forgotten that this place is home to the largest cult of Designer worshippers and my thoughts drift to the members of The Iron Bank who joined us on the expedition into the Vale. Of course, I still don’t believe in any of these so called gods. It doesn’t help that when I go near a temple, I feel a great amount of darkness trying to settle on me. It’s a feeling I’d rather not be having at all. Luckily there is a tavern in the town with a small stable adjoined to it. I ask for the young stable hand to take Luna from me and set her up for the night, paying him for his troubles. The tavern is rather quiet inside, but I guess that’s because it’s only noon. By the evening it should be much busier. Walking up to the bar, I ask the barman for food and lodging for the night. He mutters his price and I place the coins onto the top. He takes them and hands me a key with the number 3 engraved into the metal. I nod my thanks and head back out the door towards the town in order to gather more supplies for the rest of my journey.

After milling about the town market and picking up some more supplies like bread and cheese, I return to the tavern, which has become considerably more busy and loud. I duck into the adjoining stable to feed Luna a few carrots for her good behaviour. She whines and tosses her head in delight as I gently pat her flank. Upon entering the tavern, everybody inside seems to stop and stare at me. Very unnerving but I’ve been in worse situations before. I grab a seat in the far right corner near the open fire and the barman from before brings over my meal for the evening. A hearty plate of chicken, bread, cheese and fruit, along with a tankard of cider. I smile and say my thanks for the food and drink. After finishing my meal, I retire to my room for the night to read, after taking another potion to keep me awake. Until I can stop or control these nightmares, I can’t sleep in fear of setting everything a blaze. Dawn comes and I am once again out on the open road with Luna. We still have another week at least before we reach Kalash.

The journey to Kalash was more traitorous than the one to Dun Clynth. As I get closer to The Mountains of Fire, the sky darkened and the land more rocky and dangerous. If I wasn’t confident that Luna could handle the terrain, then I would have left her in Dun Clynth, but she’s a stubborn mare and probably would have tried to escape and follow me regardless. It takes me another week before my eyes land upon the stronghold of Kalash. Once a trading hub between Almitra and Old Qadaq, this hub now stands to guard The Theocracy boarder from the invading Khan forces.

I approach the gate to the stronghold and am asked what business I have in the once town. Again, I find myself explaining that I am of The Lion Guard and here on research. The gates open, granting me entry, and I’m greeted by a young woman, like myself, who introduces herself as Isabell, a future daughter of Kalash in training. I dismount from Luna to shake her hand, and ask if there is someplace for me to leave Luna for the night. She nods and leads me to a small unoccupied stable. She explains that it is too hot to keep horses here permently, but Luna should be fine for a few days whilst I search for the flower. Since there is no Inn in Kalash, Isabell kindly grants me lodgings in her home, giving me a place to rest for the night, even though I do not sleep at the moment.

Night falls and the heat lessens, but only slightly. The air is still very thick and humid. Isabell wishes me a goodnight as I do to her before she vanishes behind her chamber door. I make myself comfortable in a chair next to a candle, before taking my potion to keep myself awake. Tomorrow, I will begin my search for the Fire Lily. The only way to tell the time in Kalash is by the heat and judging by the stickiness in the air, I’m guessing it’s maybe about 8am. I just put down my book when Isabell appears from her chamber. She smiles, says good morning and grabs an apple off the table, before heading towards the front door, telling me to eat what I’d like in the house, and leaves. I too grab an apple and place another in my bag, along with a slice of bread wrapped in cloth.

Exiting the house, I quickly stop by the stable to feed Luna, only to find her munching on some oats happily. I stroke her nose and flank before heading towards the main gate. Once out of Kalash, I start to climb up the rocky mountainside. Everything is hot to the touch and the further I climb, the hotter it becomes. Even though I’m a creature of magic, the thick hot air starts to become too much and I decide to climb back down further, saddened that I may not find the plant. Suddenly, something catches my eye and I suck in a breath in anticipation. Could it be….it is! A Fire Lily.

One sole lily spouting up from a small patch of ashy soil. I run and stumble towards it before kneeling down to examine it. Such beauty and magic that I can see in the slightly shimmering leaves. Carefully, I start to dig at the soil around the plant, so that I can uproot it with the roots untouched. It doesn’t take me long and I lift the lily from the earth. I stare at it in awe and I know that deep down, this flower will be of great use to me and the kingdom…

Day 1
We return to The Vale after a good month back in the kingdom. Whilst back home however, the orcs of the khans forces took to assaulting the town of Greymere. Though The Lion Guard and House Fenix rallied together, my time in our land has left me….tired. Ever since the dreams started about Ser Kaylen, I have not slept….well that is, every time I do sleep, my fears and the terror override my control of my magic whilst I sleep causing me to set fire to any object near me. The elders of the Academy of Magic have thought it best for me to vacate my chamber in the tower and sleep in one of the rooms below, which are protected by a magical barrier.

Anyway, as we stepped through the portal, I realised that we had moved camp to a more suitable location, and I noticed how many more brave souls have joined us on the expedition.

The first thing I did was venture out into The Vale so that I could research the plant life to see if any of the foliage that grows there could survive on the other side of the portal…stupidly I got caught out on my own by The Chosen who wasn’t very happy about me going alone. After a brief shouting match with him, he turned and said he will be informing Kaylen of my behaviour….what a tataltail!

It wasn’t long until the Khans forces reared their ugly heads and battle commenced. Surprisingly, even in my exhausted state, I was able to destroy 5 heavily armoured Undead, though the battle ended quickly, leaving just myself, Kaylen, The Chosen and The Dean of The Academy left on the field. Needless to say that we retreated back to the camp, and the orcs retreated back to theirs.

I also introduced myself to the new Dean of The Academy as I hadn’t had the chance back home. A lovely chap who I think very highly of. He has asked me to help him conduct research of The Vale for a few magical favours.

The rest of the night was mostly guard duty for Her Grace as Rhen had decided to spend her evening in the tavern drinking.

Day 2
As usual, I thought it was a priority to seek out my mentor in magic, in order to learn the next tree in my fire magic. He once again was very patient with me, even though I’m a fast learner and I quickly grasped the abilities he explained to me.

We also had another mage come through the portal, Margery, a fire mage and ritualist. More fire mages are always good and we would now be able to deal with more Undead as they attacked.

Somewhere along the line, one of the Northmen had slowly started to become something else. Though he was still him, I could feel the same presence that The Chosen gives off emanating from him.

Shortly after Q left The Vale to return to the King on important business, we all headed out to the ritual circle, in order to perform a ritual on a lady called from The Iron Bank, in order to infuse her with Knowledge, as asked for by….The Designer. I’m not a fan of the faith as stated, and this designer falls into that category regardless of who worships her.

Arriving at the ritual site, we saw off some of the Khans forces, but as a few got away, we knew we’d have to act quickly to avoid butting heads this far away from help.

We weren’t quick enough and thus caught in a pincer attack at the site. Countless of my brothers, sisters, friends and comrades were slaughtered by the foul forces….including Kaylen. As I saw her go down, I was ready to run in and die by her side. Heston the Temple Guard had other plans for me, and proceeded to throw me down the side of the hill and into the trees to hide. I couldn’t believe it, nearly all the expedition had been killed because of some stupid ritual!

On our way back, we collected four bags of resources before running into The Chosen and Wulfric, along with some other members of the expedition. We returned to the ritual site, where Wulfric entered one to one combat. He survived thankfully and so we returned to camp….where we were instantly held under trial by The Three for the horror that was the ritual circle massacre.

The biggest shock of the day was yet to come however. Soon after the survivors returned and the camp was secured Kaylen stormed back into camp. The person that walked in looked like Kaylen, but the anger….the rage that rolled off her in waves, wasn’t like the Knight General. The Chosen could see my shock and feel my fear as he placed a soothing hand upon my shoulder. The Dean proceeded to perform some checks on Kaylen to ensure it was her. It was….she had been returned to me.

I knew that this miracle that had occurred must have had something to do with The Three. I asked The Chosen and Wulfric if they would accompany me to The Fane, so that I could pray for the first time in my life. I spoke in The Fane, thanked The Three for what had happened and left offerings as a token of my gratitude. The manifestation of my fire magic, and my prized Fire Lilly from The Mountains of Fire back home.

Both The Chosen and Wulfric said I had done well and that I had started on the right path to faith. Part of me felt lighter, like I could sleep soundly now that Kaylen had….died and come back to me. Perhaps tonight, my sleep will be peaceful.

Day 3
I couldn’t have been more wrong! The dreams…. the nightmares only returned stronger than ever. I had burnt a hole into my sleeping quarters during my sleep…thankfully it didn’t spread to the whole encampment.

As I was awake early, I decided to go out into The Vale to gather research and resources, where I happen to upon an Undead rat heading down the road….he didnt last long. My anger at myself and my lack of decent sleep somehow had made my fire magic a tad more explosive….that doesn’t normally happen.

The Dean of the Academy lead myself and a small group out to the ritual circle in order to try a new tactic for running rituals. The plan worked and he has asked if I would feel comfortable about leading these groups in the future so we could perform safe and successful rituals in the future. He seems to trust me a lot which pleases me greatly.

Back in camp, The Chosen had fallen to his knees and cried out that he had been given a brother….the Northman was gone and we had another Chosen within the expedition.

Later in the day, whilst out looking for more resources with a mole beastkin, we found the Khans forces heading our way and proceeded to head back to camp down what we call preachers hill. The Khans forces were already there and I blasted an Undead with a fire bolt.

I was ready to battle, but The Chosen demanded that we fall back to the camp where it was safe. None of The Lion Guard were so ready to flee to safety and part of me felt really proud that I was fighting alongside such brave people.

We also executed some bloke for treason against the crown….he didnt deny anything so the trial and judgement were quick.

Just as we had finished, a man from House Fenix ran into the camp to tell us that Margery (Our new fire mage ritualist) had gone to the ritual circle alone and was performing a ritual. We rushed to the site as it wouldn’t be long before our portal closed and we would be left to die in The Vale. Arriving at the site, it seemed that Margery was finished and ready to return to camp….she scared me to death!

Our time in The Vale was nearly up, before we left, we held a service in The Fane to honour our fallen and pray to The Three. As I stepped through the portal to return home, I looked back, just before it closed behind me, only to lay eyes upon the three shadows that haunt my dreams.

I fear for the next time I return.

Day 1
So here we are again, The Vale, land of wonder and death. After our last trip here, I’m a little more wary of…everything, and although I can sleep safely again without setting everything a blaze, I can still feel that darkness around me.

Upon entering the camp, I see old and new faces, but before I can speak, The chosen starts to scream that the barrier protecting the camp is down. Everybody rushes to the fane to pray in desperation to be safe. As I am of The Lion Guard, I make it my duty to patrol the area in case of an attack. Suddenly, The first chosen falls to the ground in agony. He is carried into The Fane and the doors are shut. He cries, begs and pleads for ‘The Father’ to help him, his voice becoming more horse as he screams for aid. The doors open…and the chosen steps out with wings of gold. He looks like an angel, but a shadowy figure lurks behind his form. It smiles a white toothy grin at me and I avert my eyes, before walking off to the Tavern…I need a good drink for strength and courage to get me through this trip I think.

Not long after that, the younger chosen, Michael, comes to me, asking for a…faith chat. I cannot look at him for a shadow figure, like the one following his brother, also follows him, but he understands and says to seek him out when I am ready. I really need to speak with Kaylen about these creatures I am seeing.

After some time, I manage to steal Kaylen away long enough to report my findings on the research she had me do. Like me, she doesn’t take the news too well but until I can do further research, we cannot confirm or deny if this is good or bad news.

Oh! And Lord Fenix wants to marry me off to one of his men….what have I done to receive this kind of attention?!

Night started to fall, and I was stood talking to Leto, a scout from Kaylens house and our new beastkin lightning mage in The Lion Guard, when The first chosen came over to speak to us. I started to walk away, afraid of the shadow that follows him, but he grabbed me by the strap of my bag and pulled me in front of him. I snapped my eyes shut as he yelled in my face, telling me that if I continue to act this way, there would be consequences. He demanded that I look at him, but my eyes remained shut tight as I shook my head no. I could hear him growl before he stormed off, and only then did I open my eyes again.

Later that night, I went up Preachers Hill with Kaylen and some others to deal with an Undead rat….turns out he wasn’t alone and I received a nasty wound to the arm. I was helped back to camp and healed in the Guild tent…well; Lawrence tried to heal me whilst drunk, before Father Matteo took over. Next thing I knew, it was Guild drinking time. It sure was a long night and the storm was setting in for the night.

Day 2
As I exit my tent, I see the looming shadow creatures stand outside the fane, most likely waiting to latch onto the chosen ones. The fact that they can willingly jump from host to host frightens me. What is stopping them from following me and whispering into my ears? They cannot be fought with weapons or magic from what I can tell. There is no stopping them from causing pure chaos. I know those who follow the faith would defend the creatures and say that they are good, but no creature of pure darkness with that white a smile could ever be called good in my mind.

I decide to leave camp and clear my head. As I leave, I see chosen number one exit his tent, only for one of the shadow creatures to instantly start following behind him.

Leaving the camp alone, I know, isn’t really allowed after what happened last time but honestly, I just want some me time. I wander the hill path only to run into a lone orc. We stop and stare at each other, my heart in my mouth. I could see him looking at my wand and sword, obviously confused as to whether I am a warrior or a mage. Using his confusion, I quickly cast magic armour and flame sword on myself and dash toward him. He steps back as I swing at him, sword catching his arm. Side stepping around him, I attack his flank, but he quickly turns and his sword hits my head and top of my arm. I back up slightly, worried that I may have gotten to over confident and could very well be killed here and now, but to my surprise, the orc runs back towards preachers hill. I quickly try to bolt him down but he is out of my reach.

Heading back down the mountain, I enter camp and many a face turns to stare at me. I am covered in blood, but not worried for my life. I seek out a healer and spend the next few hours resting….though I should have told Kaylen, as whilst I slept in my tent, she feared that I had been killed or taken by the Khanate.

Later in the evening I spoke to Rafe the elf, who is loyal to the king. We spoke of a number of matters that I will not mention in this journal for fear of it getting into the wrong hands. The consequences could be dire for many.

Word had reached us that tomorrow; The Khans would attack the camp, and I assume it is because our barrier is weaker than it normally is. In light of this news, some training was carried out. This involved drilling our shield wall and deciding tactics for dealing with tomorrow’s battle. We had decided that we would use the narrow crossing of the bridge and trench to try and concentrate their forces into smaller and more manageable groups. The training was received well and it boosted camp moral. We knew that we may now stand a small chance.

Heavy fog rolled into the camp making it harder and harder to see who or what was in front of us. Whispers in the camp say that the Khan will be sending people who look like our own to our camp in an attempt to infiltrate. I noticed that a few of our Lion Guard were patrolling the perimeter, though the fog made it difficult, we managed and the camp remained safe for another night.

After a few rounds of cider and good company, I decided to turn in for the night, hoping that tomorrow would be a brighter day.

Day 3
Oh journal, I fear for my future in this land and our own. The magic bracelet that has been stopping my dreams stopped working last night and I was “gifted” with what I can only describe as an unsettling vision.

In my dream, I am stood at the bottom of a rocky hill, covered in dirty rags. I start to climb up the mountain, sun searing my skin, jagged rocks cutting into my hands and feet causing them to bleed…but it does not stop me. Higher and higher, I climber to the top, the heat getting more intense as I near the peak. I reach the end, and in front of me is a rock with an eagle etched into its face. With bloody hands, I reach out to touch it. White hot fire engulfs my body. A voice calls out to me, “Arise my servant!”, and the light and heat subsides. I look down at myself and see I have been healed of all cuts, cleaned of all blood and dressed in the purest white clean robes.

I know this vision is linked to ‘The Father’, as all his symbols are present….and it frightens me. Knowing what I know about the faith….I don’t want to become his servant, I don’t want to lose who I am and what I stand for, I don’t want to become a mindless chosen slave! Yes they may be powerful, but their souls are not their own, not in control of their own paths….they are not mortal beings.

If this dream, is what ‘The Father’ has planned for me….then I will fight tooth and claw to remain who I am.

The rest of the camp slowly started to arise, and began to prepare for the battle ahead of us. Those who could not fight were told to stay safe in the fane, protected by The first chosen, whilst the rest would organise themselves into battle formation on the bridge, with the shields at the front. It wasn’t long before we saw the Khan’s forces appear on top of Preachers Hill.

Namtar made his way down to the battle field to speak to Kaylen. She yelled back to us that the battle would not commence so long as we heard Namtar out…sadly some idiot lacked a brain and cut him down where he stood. The Khans horde yelled down at us and proceeded to move down the hill to begin their attack. Everybody was ready and in position, once they got within reach of our spells, all hell broke loose. The Battle was quick and bloody; they broke through our shield wall like it was make of paper, and took down all that stood their ground. Many were pulled back across the barrier to be healed and less were left to fight. The Khan himself stood at the barrier and spoke to Lord Fenix. He said that so long as nobody else attacked one of them, they would leave us alone, otherwise he would shatter our defences and annihilate us all…again some people don’t have a brain and one of the Khans men was attacked. In order to keep his word, Lord Fenix cut that man down. Satisfied, the Khan and his forces left us to lick our wounds. Once again we were shown how our so called ‘Camp Unity’ was a sham compared to our enemy.

The rest of our time in The Vale was used to rest up after the battle. We began to pack up our gear and readied ourselves to be taken home. In some way, our expedition was successful and in others it was not. I know that once we return home, I must continue my research for the sake of us all.

The anniversary of the Night of Blood was upon us and the kingdom was all on edge. Duties at home required myself and Kaylen to remain in Ironmark for most of the anniversary, however I was enroute from Sarquand and headed straight to The Vale. I doubt the knight general was pleased about my arrangements but I had promised that I would take Lady Silvermoons elf Norah to investigate the war effort on her behalf.

I arrived on the other side of the portal in the Vale and made my way straight into our camp. There I was greeted by her grace, Kaylen, Kal and my soon to be husband Blade. Kaylen scolded me for being late but I knew she didn’t mean it. After all, I had travelled much further than her to get there. The letter from Lady Silvermoon was passed on to her grace as she and Kaylen headed to her tent, obviously having much to discuss. Kal and I hugged before he too was off to complete some duties, thus leaving Norah, Blade and myself.

It wasn’t long before some of the Khan’s forces appeared on the hill, so I left Norah in the care of Vera and headed out with Blade to see them off. Strangely, taunting the enemy with Blade was quite fun. I’d rather taunt them, than take their lives after all.

After seeing them off, I stood talking to one of the Undead hunters, asking him how things had been before we heard shouting from the camp, and dashed down the hill to lend our help, though by the time we got there, the enemies had been dealt with.

These creatures were being produced by the Vale itself and trying to get us to leave. They wouldn’t speak to us and it seemed that only physical attacks could kill them, meaning my magic was useless. Knowing these creatures were lurking about, didn’t put me off getting married. Even though Lord Fenix had been killed the night before, I felt I should honour my promise to him. I changed into my wedding outfit, a corset and skirt made of gold and blue cloth, House Fenix colours. I was also gifted with a silver fur throw to cover my bare arms, the pelt having come from a deceased member of The Lion Guard, Lightning. I made my way down to the fane were a member of House Fenix was to marry Blade and I. Many of the camp came to view our union, but I did not notice them. My attention was on my soon to be husband. He’d scrubbed up well for the occasion, dressed in a blue tailored coat, which was apparently a gift from the late lord Fenix. The ceremony was quick and our union was completed…then he ran off into the Vale to kill things. A great start to our married life!

Taking the opportunity, I decided to indulge in a cup of tea at the Whispering Sisters with Kaylen. She had some interesting information for me and not long after we had finished speaking my mentor come and speak to me, informing me that as I have now become a master in my school of magic, I no longer need to be his student and I can in fact take students of my own. Part of me felt over joyed with the news, but the other part of me is sad, knowing that I will no longer have somebody I can confide in regarding magic. I’ve had the gift of magic since the day I was born, and it’s always bothered me that I could never share my wants and fears with somebody else like me. The idea of not having a mentor….frightens me. I know it’s the next step on my path to becoming a great mage but still, I don’t want to lose that relationship. Of course my mentor reassures me that if I need him, he will be there for me and I was put at ease.

It wasn’t long before I changed back into my regular gear. Being in a dress and looking like a lady was nice but I’m a battle mage at heart. I couldn’t exactly go running about in a corset for heaven’s sake!

Norah seems to be getting on ok in camp with the other elves and I’m glad. She’s had an awful life up until this point so I’m happy to see that people are ignoring her injuries and including her…well bar one person who pointed it out but he apologised regardless.

More and more of the weird creatures the Vale was producing had been attacking the camp, leading to me being injured several times, once when I was trying to have a nice cup tea with my mentor! I felt sorry for our camp surgeons as they were constantly being asked to heal us, leading to mass use of valuable resources.

Blade finally returned to camp…and very quickly whisked me off for some alone time…I’m not going to write down what happened…it’s fairly obvious.

After an hour or so, we returned to camp, only to see some Undead running towards us with a huge rock creature in tow. Dashing out, I readied myself to fight, but it turns out that the Undead were in fact running away from the creature! This creature was a fierce being, unresponsive to our attacks and anybody in its way was quickly struck down. Blade being the person he is decided to stand in front of it and try and keeps its attention whilst we tried to figure out how to take it down. In the end, we decided to lead it towards the ritual circle to try and seal it away.

Kaylen had also joined us on the field and started to demand that the Undead and Hastie elves fighting with us must be killed. Although she is my close friend and my leader, I refused to attack those who were trying to help us. I urged theUndead ratkin to flee, as I would not see them harmed. Once they were on the road back to their camp, I headed down to the ritual circle where, Kaylen, Blade and a few others were trying to get the creature into the circle.

Slowly, one by one, members of my camp were taken down and hurried back to the camp for treatment. Kismet, one of the Undead rats happened to appear on a small hill near us and Lady Tawe and I decided to try and get some information out of him regarding the creature. What he told us was helpful but trying to get the camp to do as we had been told was undeniably inevitable.

Suddenly, there was an almighty bang and Kaylen was gone! It seemed she has suffered a blow by the creature and then healed within the ritual circle causing her to explode. I’m starting to think that bringing her down here is a bad idea, as it’s where she always dies and I know I should be panicking that she has once again died, but part of me is sure she will pop up again.

Once back in camp, I knew I had to return to the Kingdom and inform court of what had transpired here, including the loss of Kaylen. I said my goodbyes and quickly hopped back through our portal, hoping that the camp, my friends and my new husband would be ok without my magic…

Diaries of Sasha