The Beastkin

Noble, blessed Beastkin, wonderous to see
Noble, blessed Beastkin, great gift of The Three.
They proceed from The Father, wonders to perform
Souls as pure as human, animal their form.

Sent to us from The Three, strong is their sword arm
Eyes aflame, hearts full of love, keep us safe from harm
All chil-dren of The Three, humans and Beast-kin
All chil-dren of The Three, same souls beneath the skin

When our hearts are fallen they extend a paw
March with us together, fight with fang and claw.
In our darkest hour, to our side they came
The Three in their great power, blessed be their name.

A Last Drink For Wulfric (C G Am Fm G C)

Come lads and lasses, I’ll tell ye a tale
Of the noblest soul to ever come to the Vale

His name was Wulfric and that name echoes still
So lift up your glasses and drink down your fill.

Verse 1
A man of the north, brave leader of men,
Just by himself he out numbered ten.
Great axe in his hand and a glint in his eye
When he would swing Ellenor a foul orc would die.

Verse 2
He worked for the bank, where I first learned his name
Where others took coin he brought only acclaim.
Sworn to House Tarren, wore the colours with pride
The red and the yellow till the day that he died.

Verse 3
I bought his last drink, in The Crimson Moon
We supped there together and his death came too soon.
So have one for Wulfric, a brave man and true
And remember he laid down that same life for you!

Verse 4
No blade ever touched him, no spell laid him low
But when Father called him he knew he must go.
He went to The Father his bridge a mile wide
Now in the Afterworld, let all tears be dried

Union of the hearts (Wedding Song)

Now as one shall their lives entwined
Of one body, heart and mind!
We join their hands and sing in praise
Wish happiness for all their days.

Father fill their house with light
Guide them through the darkest night
Mother fill their hearts with bliss
May their love not be remiss

Warrior their bond defend
Keep them true, until the end
Their faith shall lift them ever higher
Make their love burn like a fire

Lament for the Fallen

(To be sung at funerals and remembrance services, altering the pronoun ‘he’ to ‘she’ or ‘their/them/they’ as appropriate)

Buried in the ground so deep
Ever more now shall he sleep
Mother gives final embrace
Tears and blood they stain his face

In Father’s hands his soul shall keep
We remain and so we weep
To the Afterworld, he’ll pass with grace
Fruitless be the demons’ chase

Noble warrior strong in arm
Keep your people safe from harm
Aid us now to smite our foes
Ease our hardship, pain and woes

And we all now Praise The Three
The dead live on in memory
To the ground their forms commend
And to Father their souls send

The Mother Heals

She is with us in the field
Guards us all just like a shield
When we return our wounds are healed
Through her works, her love revealed!

The Mother Heals. The Mother Cares.
Keep her always in your prayers.

She keeps the demons from all our minds
We sleep soundly as the moon shines
She is in the healers’ hands
By her love the wounded stand.

In her right hand she holds a spear
Protects us all, be without fear.
By her side the faithful hound
Her love for us is without bound.

The Father Guides

From smallest acorn, great oaks grow
From The Three, their love flows
Begin each day intone their name
Be guided by The Father’s flame

The Father guides us and He protects.
Act always as he directs.
The sun is strong and shines so bright
We see our way by Father’s light.
He is in the noble’s word
Through His servants shall he be heard.

The Afterworld is where he stands
Welcomes the worthy to his hands.
Welcomes slaves and welcomes kings
Guided all by eagle’s wings

The Warrior Fights

Forged in war by those above
Inspires us to fight with her love
She fights the demons for our souls
Plunge your sword into the coals

The Warrior fights and she inspires.
We are tempered in battle’s fires.

The stars her legion in the sky
At her command foul orc shall die
She is in the Champion’s sword
We follow her to fight the hoard

Ready sword and knock an arrow
For she walks in your shadow
Sharp and strong the gryphon’s claw
We follow her to win this War

Designer Inspire Us

Designer guide our hand in art
Give inspiration to every heart
We quest that we might un-der-stand
To know the world within our hands

Your name we sing in praise!
Inflame all our days
In your name we sing
And create everything.

In all that we do
We build it all for you
Designer spark the fire
And our dreams inspire.

You who filled the night with stars
To guide us all to lands afar
In your name we shall create
Great works that we shall fabricate

Painting, statue, tool or song
We shall forge them all day long
But to inspiration we make no claim
Designer we praise your name

The Song of House Fenix

From fair Ashborn
To Haryn’s Wall
We stand proud, we stand tall
And we shall not fall

From the fires we’re born
From the ashes we rise
Fighting from early morn
Phoenix burning in the skies

Enough to set your heart alight
To The Three we live in praise
We collect all resource in sight!
Gathering ’til the sun’s last rays

When the whistle sounds
Hear our feet upon the ground
When he calls, our spirits stirred
His word, never, denied
We flock to his side
To stand beneath the flaming bird

The Lion Guard

Verse 1
House Shadowbane, The purple and the white
The noblest name, They drive back the night
Revered through the land, From peasant to the lord
Blade ever in hand, No stronger Sword

For Elland they Fight!
Guarded safe for ever more
The purple and the white!
We follow them to war

For Elland they Fight!
Guarded safe for ever more
The purple and the white!
Victory on any shore

Verse 2
Knight General’s Command, They are the Lion Guard
As the King’s hand, In the song of every bard
Serving him sword in hand, ‘Til the end standing proud
Guard the highest in the land, To The King they are avowed

I Hold The Three

In my heart I hold The Three
Blessed Father watches me
Judge my deeds both right and wrong
Inspires my work all day long

In my soul I hold The Three
Holy Mother protects me
Heals my wounds and wipes my tears
She loves me throughout my years

In my mind I hold The Three
Noble War-rior inspires me
Strike the foe with spell or sword
Her legion obey Her word.

They guide us throughout our lives
Little children, husbands, wives
Every day, they see us all
Our day of birth, till we fall

They make us strong, keep us brave
Highest noble, lowest slave
We act each day in their name
Bring them pride and never shame.

Songs of the Northern Alliance