The ground wept for it was bloody and the earth drank deeply of that wine. Sons and daughters of the kingdoms taken before their life’s story was fully told. “Is this what a victory looks like?” I asked myself as my nimble paws stepped over the dying and the fallen. “This is but a vision” was my answer. A moment when the Vale has only one colour and that colour is red.

Though our presence in this strange land is still within its infancy. The battle that happened that day across the open bowl where wizards and sorcerers gather to apply their art, it came much quicker than expected. This moment, this vision made me understand now that it was only a sign of the things to come. It will not be the last of its brutal kind and I wonder if the price paid by some was worth their ‘rewards’.

All men and beasts should beware the blood price to be paid in venturing to this magical land. No treasure hunter should come without sword, no wizard without their wards and all should recognise that alone none will survive for long.

Great death stalks the Vale for all who go there. Is the power it offers forward so enticing, so truly worth risking a dance of death to get?

– Pandora, First of her breed. Herald of the White Sepulcher

The Red Ritual