“We were once a people of balance. We worshipped the seven with equal reverence. Our cities were vast and wondrous, and our churches were the grandest buildings in the Homelands. Trade was booming and our culture rich. Until, that was, the storms came, and the Father’s wrath was unleashed among the people.

The jealous gods turned their back on us, as we did not worship them above all others. The demons saw their great betrayal and as the flames scorched the earth, shrouded us in their magic, protecting us from the Father and his kin.

Many generations have passed since that day; since we cast out the gods. Our homes, our way of life was turned to ash, but from those ashes we were born anew.”

Once a thriving empire, the Tulwar have been reduced to tribal communities living off the harsh Desert of Glass.

South of the known areas, these survivalists have made a place for themselves around sparce oasis; a place they call their Homelands.

There are many tribes in the Homelands, each with a tribe elder at its head. The elders form the Council of Elders who, collectively, rule the Homelands. It is through this council that all important decisions are made and every tribe is represented and has equal say, regardless of their size.

Each tribe is different, with their own unique perspective on life and their role within it. Some tribes are more militant, while others specialise in trade and negotiation. War between tribes is infrequent, although when they do happen, it is because all other options have been exhausted.

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