The passage into Afterworld is said to be a challenging journey for the soul.

When a person dies, the soul hangs above their body for a brief while, before fading into the realm beyond.

It is said that for a soul to reach the gods in Afterworld, they must first cross over the fabled Bridge of Light. For the faithful, this is said to be a comfortable and wide path that can be traversed with no difficulty. For the iniquitous and dark of heart, the bridge might narrow to a jagged, needle-thin point that will prove impossible to cross, causing the wicked soul to fall screaming into the Burning Abyss to be devoured and ravished by demons.

Those who make pacts with demons may find themselves snatched entirely from the Bridge of Light and dragged to the feeding tables of Abyssal beings. Those who are chosen by the gods might be flown directly to the fiery perfection of Afterworld.

The Priesthood teach that in order to reach Afterworld, the principle Tenets of the Faith must be adhered to.

Ultimate Reward
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