Beneath the proud sign of the crossed hammers, the smithing yards of Ironmark ring with the busy, repeated ring of metal on metal. Skilled smiths have always been in high demand and the formation of the new, War-Smithing Guild only added to this prestige. For most folk in the human lands, the typical image of the smith is the most enduring of all craftsmen: stocky, and blackened by the forge. Whilst this is true of many, the Great Cataclysm has also opened up the trade to many newcomers, such as skilled Beastkin and even elves. The Reptilians, in particular, seem to take to smithing; their natural affinity with hotter temperatures no doubt helping here. Although each smith has their own speciality, there are three main types of War-Smith.

This essential part of The Guilds are the life blood for the creation of magical weapons and armour used by every warrior in the war against the Orc Khanate. There are three main areas of study:

Blade Makers

Perhaps the most famous of the War-Smiths are the blade makers and cutlers of Toledo. It is rumoured that in days past to become a Master of the War Smiths one would have to create a permanently magical blade; whose edge never became dull nor time marred. Though there are some surviving examples, most notably the Knight Commander’s sword: The Blade of Elland, it was originally thought that the knowledge of how to make these ancient weapons died out among the metallurgists of Qadaq and the Nordländer runesmiths.

In the Vale the Blade Makers of the War Smiths have found a new calling, creating a simile of those ancient blades, temporary magical effects that allow those skilled with swords of all type to train and fight in rare and powerful skills.


Regardless of their background or race, the armourers of the guild have a deserved reputation for being the most doughty, gruff and strong of smiths. Long and hard they work, producing plate and mail for the bloody conflicts against the undying armies in the east, or the raids across the Styric by the orcs and their deadly allies.

The most skilled artisans are able to hammer or inscribe some level of enchantment into their armour. This is wholly dependent on the availability of the rare and high quality resources they have to work with.

With the discovery of rare, magically-active metal ores in the Vale, many veteran armourers have quenched their forges in the Kingdom of Elland and set off on the expedition to supply the alliance with quality defensive items.


These War-Smiths are practised in the indispensable craft of assembling the multitude of equipment needed for the many campaigns of the Kingdom, including the new expeditions to the Vale.

Whilst some of the more specialised members of The Guilds would brush them off as peddler-enchanters, they provide a much needed service outside of their common role: They create weapons with a high degree of applied blunt force trauma, specialising in hammers, axes and polearms.

The crafting of such weapons came initially from The Theocracy where low metal reserves called upon weapons to be made from cruder but no less brutal materials.

War Smiths
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